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What is ABHA Health ID Card?

The Ayushman Bharat Health account, a unique 14-digit identifier, serves as a secure means to authenticate individuals and interconnect their health records across various healthcare providers with user consent. Creating an ABHA ID is essential for users aiming to digitally preserve their health records using the app. ABHA (Health ID) comprises the distinctive ABHA number and the associated address, functioning seamlessly with the app/health locker.

Key Features

Benefits of ABHA

Financial Protection

Ayushman Bharat Health Account card ensures financial security by covering hospitalization costs, providing a safety net against unexpected medical expenses.

Universal Access to Healthcare

Facilitating universal healthcare access, the card allows eligible individuals to receive medical treatment across a network of empaneled healthcare providers.

Effortless Recordkeeping

Enable efficient health record management, empowering users to maintain and update personal health information for better-informed medical decisions.

Digital Health ID Integration

Integrates a unique Health ID, enhancing healthcare efficiency by providing a secure, unified platform for accessing and sharing digital health information.

Wellness Initiatives

Encourages preventive healthcare measures, offering access to health check-ups and wellness programs to foster a proactive approach to well-being.

User Empowerment and Choice

Empowers individuals to make informed healthcare choices, providing flexibility in selecting healthcare providers from a network of empaneled hospitals.

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