Empowering Healthcare Heroes: The Vital
Role of Technology in Patient Care

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DRCFO MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS PRIVATE LIMITED, a company incorporated under the laws of India, is recognized as a start-up by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade, Government of India Having Registration no DIPP61037.

Bridging Healthcare Gaps with
Innovation & Compassion

The healthcare industry’s success hinges predominantly on efficiently managing records about patients, clinics, finances, and accounts, and ensuring timely compliance with statutory laws. Although larger hospitals and clinics widely embrace systems for record preparation and maintenance, the same has yet to be adopted by smaller clinics, hospitals, and independent medical professionals who serve a significant portion of the population in India. Currently, more than five lacs doctors are practicing in the fields of Allopathy, Dentistry, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, and Unani medicine systems who do not have any automated system for maintenance of electronic medical records, records related to financial transactions, and records related to various legal compliances on real-time, only because of:

1. Non-availability of cost-effective, secure, and user-friendly integrated platforms for facilitating patient management, clinic management, operations, accounts, and legal compliance management.

2. There is a huge dependence on skilled personnel to operate software in a place where it is available.

3. Most of this software focuses on one task leaving the doctors to find additional solutions for other tasks.

Empowering Healthcare Professionals:
The Tech Solution for Efficient Care

In today’s fast-paced healthcare industry which is evolving technologically every single day, the success of any healthcare professional from a small private clinic to a multi-speciality hospital primarily depends on the technological adaptation that allows robust record-keeping, prescription management, appointment scheduling, accounting, and statutory compliances in streamlined fashion with minimal wastage of time and resources. There are multiple healthcare management systems available in the market for the preparation and maintenance of records that are widely adopted by big hospitals/clinics. However, it fails to meet the needs of smaller clinics/hospitals and individual healthcare professionals. There is no comprehensive cost-effective and user-friendly automated system for healthcare management catering to all needs of healthcare professionals on a real-time basis, such as record keeping of patient data and hospital management, documentation related to various legal compliances, and financial and accounting management for smaller clinics/hospitals and individual healthcare professionals.

Meet our Founders

CA Akhil Kumar

CA Akhil Kumar, a qualified Chartered Accountant with 23 years of post-qualification experience, observed a notable gap in the health sector—particularly among small clinics and doctors. These healthcare professionals lack an effective system for real-time preparation and maintenance of records related to patient and clinic management, legal compliances, and financial and accounting management. The challenges stem from the non-availability of cost-effective, user-friendly, and integrated Software/Service, coupled with a dependency on skilled individuals to operate such Software/Platform. Driven by a passion to address this issue, CA Akhil Kumar introduced DRCFO—an integrated system. DRCFO (Pat-IN389617), an ABDM Certified, patented comprehensive healthcare management system, is specially designed for smaller clinics and medical professionals who, as freelancers, cater to a large section of people in India.

Mrs Vartika Srivastava

Meet Vartika, a tech luminary armed with an MCA degree from IGNOU. As a co-founder of DRCFO , she stands as one of the masterminds behind the groundbreaking platform. Her expertise played a pivotal role in developing DRCFO, an integrated virtual medical practice solution that secured a patent from the Indian Patent Office (Pat No. 389617).

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